b. 1986, HK.


Julianna (Golden) Bright is a devotional artist and musician in the Pacific Northwest. From the self-taught beginnings of Bright's creative journey, her work has been driven by a search for meaning. Regardless of the medium, the work seeks to provide a channel for the sacred to emerge.  

Bright has shown her visual work in galleries around North America, and her art has appeared on coffee bags, divination cards, album covers, theater posters and even on one piano. Her uplifting and award-winning songs for children (under the alias Cat Doorman) are a mainstay on Sirius Satellite's Kids' Place Live; her "adult" band, Golden Bears, has long been an underground favorite in Portland and was an "Alternative Pick" on both iTunes and Amazon. 

Julianna is currently apprenticing in multiple energetic healing modalities and care for the dying, both of which bring to bear the more subtle aspects of her creativity while feeding her tireless curiosity about the ways our human bodies intersect with Spirit.  Through these techniques and her personal work and study, through her music and her art, Bright is developing a creative curriculum to be used in service with and for her community.